We are very aware that most riders who compete at riding club or amateur level are people with lives outside of Showjumping. Maybe they have a job, they’re at university or they have family commitments which mean they have less time to work out how to progress at their sport.

For years we’ve seen equestrians trying to find the right horse, find the right stables, find the right coach, the right gear and then trying to forage through the internet for any tips that could help be successful in the arena.

Well we’ve done the research and we have the expertise, and we believe we have the solution. We believe that the right training environment is the starting point for any successful athlete.

We are passionate about providing a Training Hub for equestrian athletes who are serious about showjumping. We understand that you’re not just looking for a stable for your horse. You want to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about showjumping as you are.


We understand you’re not just looking for an instructor to fix a problem. You’re looking for a coach to work with you every step of the way.

We also present a number of seminars and workshops throughout the year which really gear people up for the season.

We want to ensure that our Members have every resource possible to progress at their sport, so we have over €5000 of value packed into yearly membership!

Clients / Visitors Membership Associate Membership (by Invitation Only)
Competition and Coaching Plan with JAG Coach (value €70) -
Discounted Livery (value up to €1,560 per year) - -
Discounted Clinics and Coaching (up to 25%) -
Private Arena Hire Voucher (value €225) - 3 -
Video Analysis Voucher (value €150) - 1 -
Competition Coaching and Warm Up - Free at approved shows Free at approved shows
Exclusive Members Only time in The Rathmore Arena (Indoor) - -
Annual Access to Open Schooling (value in excess of €3000) - Unlimited for Livery -
Access to Members Seminars (value in excess of €1000) - -
Reserved Seating at Open Seminars - -
VIP tickets for The Equestrian Party - -
Bootcamp Discount (value €150) - -
Discounted Rate for The Equine Studio (value €100) - -
VIP Access to the 10:1 Series (10 members, 1 sports personality) - -
Total Value in excess of €5,000 - €399 By Invitation Only

If you are serious about showjumping, then you need to talk to us about Membership! Call 045 834 277 or email