Culture Policy

Creating and Protecting the Training Environment

The Culture of JAG Equestrian comprises three pillars: Excellence, Support and Respect.

We are passionate about creating a training base for equestrian athletes where they feel encouraged and respected, and where they are supported by the best coaching and livery service. All interactions between clients, members, staff, visitors, horse owners, service providers and horses are required to reflect these values.

When a person chooses JAG Equestrian and Winterdown Farm they have already demonstrated that they are serious about their sport. The purpose of training is to try new things without competition consequences. The equestrian athletes who succeed at showjumping are those who understand that improving sometimes means making mistakes, knocking poles or falling off. It is important that our Members and Clients are comfortable to make these mistakes without fear of what others might think. Member and Clients are expected to encourage and support their fellow equestrian athletes.

Unfortunately, Bullying and harassment can happen in any organisation or workplace.

Our Members and Clients will be pleased to note that this will not be tolerated under any circumstances. For that reason, JAG Equestrian reserves the right to discontinue, without notice, access and services for any person or organisation who behave in a threatening or harassing manner, or in any way contravene this policy of excellence, support and respect.

In the event that a Member or Client experiences an incident which they feel is not in line with this policy, please contact Julieann Gaffney confidentially by emailing